Species: Dry wine – Red

Grape: Syrah, Merlot

Area: Sevilentepe / İzmir

An outstanding blend of French Syrah and Merlot grapes. The spicy flavors and the body of this wine originate from the Syrah grape variety of the Rhône region while its graceful fruity tones and soft tannins come from the Merlot grapes of Bordeaux. 14 months of maturing in French oak delivers a profound drinking experience along with complex nuances of tastes. This wine is a perfect match for beef dishes in sauce, spicy meat and game dishes.


Species: Dry wine – White Grape: %100 Chardonnay Area: Sevilentepe / İzmir A varietal of French Chardonnay ripened under the sun at the Sevilentepe vineyard. After completion of fermentation in French oak, the wine is left to settle for 12 months on its own lees in French oak casks and then bottled after a limited filtration process. A full bodied Burgundy style wine possessing the complete richness and fullness of oak fermentation. We recommend pouring the wine into a carafe just before drinking. It is a perfect accompaniment to shellfish such as lobster and crayfish and oily fish like turbot.


Species: Dry wine – Red Grape: %100 Syrah Area: Güney/Denizli This wine has a palate with intense blueberry and blackberry flavors accompanied by a blend of smoked meat, caramel, zwieback savors and a vivid mineral trace. The soft tannins and its naturally pleasant acidity balance the taste of this wine. You’ll definitely wish for more after the last drop of this unique tasting wine.


Species: Dry wine – White Grape: %100 Sauvignon Blanc Area: Güney / Denizli A wine made of Sauvignon Blanc grapes grown in Sevilen Wines’ Guney plateau vineyard located in Guney country, Denizli. Fermentation of the wine was completed in 225 liters French oak casks, followed by maturation on fine lees for 8 months. Slightly charred oak specially ordered from France, were used for this wine. Along with the smoky flavors, the wine also features a rich minerality depicting the soil characteristics of the vineyard. To get the full taste and aroma of this dry wine varietal which displays a rich blend of grapefruit and citrus flavors, serve at 10-12 C.


Species: Dry wine – Red Grape: %100 Syrah Area: Güney / Denizli Dark mulberry in color, this youthful wine, reminiscent of those from the Rhône Valley, displays aromas of cherry and chocolate.


Species: Dry wine – White Grape: %100 Sauvignon Blanc Area: İsabey Vineyards, Menderes / İzmir This wine shows opulent, tropical and ripe pear flavors on the nose as well as great notes of asparagus.


Species: Dry wine – Red Grape: %100 Kalecik Karası Area: Güney / Denizli With layers of red fruits, pungent aromas of fresh herbs and hints of spice on the nose, this wine has a fine, dense tannin structure and shows good concentration on the palate.


Species: Dry wine – Rose Grape: Cabernet Sauvignon & Syrah Area: Sevilentepe, Menderes / İzmir This fruit driven Rose wine shows complex mineral aromas on the nose. The rich, complex palate has ripe peach and grapefruit flavors.


Species: Dry wine – Red Grape: Syrah, Kalecik Karası Area: Sevilentepe, Menderes / İzmir Deep red color, clean, intense, fresh and ripe, Majestik Red has a remarkable aromatic fullness on the nose. In the mouth, you will discover minerality, fruit, spices, finesse and balance, all brought together by the judicious blend of Kalecik Karasi and Syrah grapes.


Species: Dry wine – White Grape: Sauvignon Blanc, Sultaniye Area: Güney/ Denizli – Menderes / İzmir The color is pale and the nose has instant fruit flavors with a very nice and fresh impression. Full bodied and strongly aromatic, this wine has a flinty taste with an amazing touch of grapefruit and tropical fruit. Very long and balanced, this blend of Sultaniye and Sauvignon Blanc is a real pleasure.

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