This bright and fresh wine is packed full of stone fruit aromas and it’s produced from varieties cultivated on the Island of Chios, in N.E. Aegean Sea. These grapes have been grown on 2015-01-28_16-36-08_0000465078614-1sunbathed, mountainous climbs that are gently cooled by the Aegean ocean breeze.


Semisweet red wine. Maintaining the traditional production methods for this local red wine, Glikazon is produced from sun dried Chian grapes.


ARIOUSIA CHORA2016-12-15_19-51-29_0000491443796-1

Dry white wine. The yellow color of this wine indicates freshness and excellent wine production and features. Intense aromas of white fruit, green apples and lime. This variety is made with Athiri and Assyrtiko grapes.


2016-12-15_19-51-20_0000-478742513-1This wine is only deemed ready to be bottled after spending a minimum of 18 months in high quality, French oak barrels. Here you will find rich dark fruits and hints of spice with a long, dry and complex finish.